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Application-Specific Modular Extenders 

MODEX units are the world’s fastest and probably the most reliable modular extenders supporting the AV and Broadcast industry formats. MODEX offers a full range of modular transmitters and receivers extending digital and analog video and audio, USB KVM, Ethernet and control signals over a single fiber.The technology built into the MODEX family breaks with many standard limitations, allowing 30 meters DVI cable on input, Advanced EDID Management, Pixel Accurate Reclocking, LAN, RS-232, RS-422 and USB control, remote powering and more.



modex switches

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MODEX Graphical User Interface

MODEX Modular Extenders have their own built- in websites for control. When a MODEX is connected to a controlling computer the user meets the MODEX Graphical User Interface. This GUI allows the user to control all the functions of both MODEX transmitters and receivers in an easy and user friendly way. The GUI is smart and intuitive and is also optimized for tablets. The EDID Manager, Frame Detector and advanced audio settings are also available from the GUI, with setup presets that can be saved and applied quickly anytime.
To find out more about the MODEX GUI please read the Quick Start Guide, which has detailed description of the software. The Quick Start Guide is available at: modex.lightware.eu

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Media Connector

MODEX unit configurations can include various long distance transmitters and receivers for sending and receiving video, audio, RS-232 and IR control, USB KVM and Ethernet over a single fiber cable. The media connector is the heart of a MODEX unit as it determines the type of signal transportation.


OPTS & OPTM Media Connectors


The OPTS and OPTM Media Connectors provide transmission over a one Single Mode (OPTS) or Multi Mode (OPTM) fiber. Most fiber connector types are available to choose the best option for your application such as Neutrik OpticalCON, industrial grade LC ODVA, ST, SC, HF4, EBCM, EBCJ or LEMO. For a cost-effective smart solution Lightware introduced the LC breakout Media Connector which allows the user to connect another MODEX extender with a patch cable at the end point to send signals to two MODEX units over a single Neutric OpticalCON duo cable. There are also two optional power connectors provided – to see the available combinations please check the ‘Optional Fiber and Power Connectors’ chart. The MODEX OPTx series provide a reliable optical connection powered by an internal power supply.

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Video Modules

MODEX supports most video formats: DisplayPort 1.1, HDMI 1.4 with 3D, Dual-Link DVI, SDI and 3G-SDI. The video format conversion is automatic if the two ends have different Modules.
The Video Modules are also capable of transmitting audio. External S/PDIF, RCA, or the Embedded Audio present in different video signals are accepted as source. Embedding and extracting audio or transmitting in both directions simultaneously are also supported.


video audio modules


Lightware supports the highest 4096x2160@30Hz 4K, 3840x2160@30Hz UHD resolutions since 2013. 4K I/O modules are available for MODEX extenders as well with HDMI and DVI connectors. 


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Interface Modules

MODEX architecture allows the transmission of a wide variety of auxiliary signal types through the interface Modules. All auxiliary signal types can be simultaneously transmitted at full bandwidth over fiber or twisted pair, reducing the need for additional extenders and cabling.
Both MODEX frames have auxiliary interface slots (half RU has two Module slots), which can be any control signal, audio or Ethernet.





Try our Modex Builder, which helps you to create your own configuration with various connectors, video and interface modules.


Select the frame and the modules to create the right configuration for your application. You can now order the MODEX you have built.



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Optional accessories

Devices can be mounted several ways, depending on the application. Rack shelf and mounting bracket is available which offers easy mounting on truss systems with standard clamps or using the unit built in to furniture.

mountingbracket rackself

Our new mounting bracket makes through-furniture and under-desk
mounting easy and allows truss mounting with standards clamps for
our MODEX family and other upcoming extenders as well.
Learn more...

1U high rack shelf provides mounting holes for fastening two half-rack sized units.
Learn more...


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